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Artistic expression is the way I communicate preserved moments and explore relationships between our emotional self, and the physical world around us.  My art celebrates the unique view I have of life.  Love, music, and social awareness are the creative inspirations and influential elements reflected within my paintings and photographic compositions.  My work investigates life's intimate relationships, and is the focus of my creative endeavors. I record visceral interactions and uncover their veiled connections.  I am a black and white film photographer and painter consciously articulating the intricate nuances of our lives.  These subtleties are the reoccurring themes within my artistic practice.   

All paintings and photography are for sale, prints are available.  Please consider my love and passionate filled works of art for a special gift, corporate and private collections.  Let's collaborate and turn your vision into a beautiful and timeless work of art.

Coming soon: NFT's and virtual online gallery.

Photo Credit:  Debbie Krell

@Jimi Hendrix Memorial
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